Niña Piña

About Us & Our Products

Niña Piña focuses on supporting genuine artisans from all over the world by distributing their high-quality, hand-made goods to our loyal customers. These amazing pieces help to bring the culture of these artists to life.

We were created to help equip stylish, free-thinkers that value unique, quality products and allow them to fashionably express themselves.

Each Niña Piña purchase comes with peace of mind in that a portion of every sale is donated back to the artisans via local foundations and charities. Social responsibility is a key component to our mission as an organization.  More information can be found under the Giving Back portion of this page.

The essence of Niña Piña is simple: we deliver fresh, handcrafted beauty and personally curate all products to ensure each piece fits the #ninapinastyle. Our goal is to be your primary destination for the most unique hand-made fashions from across the globe.

Giving Back

We understand and appreciate that without the artisans who make these beautiful pieces, we would not be able to offer these unique styles.  For that reason, Niña Piña partners directly with charitable organizations working in the regions where our products are made.

A portion of our profits will be donated back to the artisans helping to grow their local infrastructure for education, clean water, and preserving the traditions and culture of these artisans. Please come back soon to take a look at some of the awesome projects that Niña Piña is supporting. 

The Wayuu People

The Wayuu are an indigenous tribe that inhabit La Guajira Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea, in the northeast of Colombia and along the border with Venezuela. The Wayuu are the largest indigenous tribe in Colombia, representing about 20% of the indigenous population of the country. Wayuu families live in “Rancherías” which are separate small communities.  It is in these Rancherías that the Wayuu women practice their handiwork. Farming and ranching are the principal economic activity of the Wayuu, which is the main activity for the men, as handcrafting is for the women.The work of the artisans of the Wayuu tribe is characterized by its beauty and elegance, with everything being made by with the raw materials that Mother Earth provides.

Wayuu Mochilas

The mochila is the maximum expression of Wayuu handicraft. The production of each handbag take approximately 20 days to complete and is made by one Wayuu woman who transmits her own sentiments through ornate designs and colors, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.  Niña Piña is currently featuring these awesome bags in our shop.